$25,000 matching challenge
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Camp Sunshine is pleased to announce the 2022 SEALs for Sunshine event will take place in Washington, D.C.! On Thursday, September 29th participants in this year’s challenge will begin by swimming 5 miles across the Chesapeake River Bay to Annapolis. There they will transition to their bikes en route to our nation’s capital 50 miles to the west. The final 12-mile run portion will pass by historic landmarks, monuments, and the Navy Memorial. 


A post-event cocktail reception will take place at the Army Navy Country Club in

Arlington, VA.


Thank you again to our legendary partners at Texas Roadhouse for matching all contributions up to $25,000

Retired Navy SEAL Commander, Michael Wisecup started the event back in 2014 and just recently handed the reigns to event veterans SEAL Commander, Adam Shapiro and fellow SEAL, Chris Kelley. From the beginning and still today, the goal was to create challenging physical events for participants to support Camp Sunshine’s mission and the families we serve. Since this event’s inception, Navy SEALs, other servicemen and women, as well as a handful of hearty civilians have been competing in physically daunting tasks to not only raise funds; but awareness for Camp Sunshine. Click here to see the event's history.