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Team Mike

Not only do I like long walks on the beach, but I also like being miserable for a good cause.  For over 20 years I served our nation as a U.S. Navy SEAL and spent countless days being wet, cold, hungry and miserable.  Since 2014 I have also served the families of Camp Sunshine through the annual SEALs for Sunshine event.  These events are designed to be physically and mentally challenging in order for us to create some common ground with the Camp Sunshine families that have endured incredible difficulty and sacrifice.  As a Navy SEAL, I chose the difficult path.  Camp Sunshine families don’t get a choice.  But we both have something in common, we will never quit.  If you are ready to chose the difficult path, to be uncomfortable for a few minutes or hours, to stand with our Camp Sunshine families, and to never quit…then join Team Wisecup and help us continue to raise awareness and funds to send military families to Camp Sunshine.  Hooyah!

Team Chris

What could be better to help Camp Sunshine than to be a part of the team from the Sunshine State?  Led by U.S. Navy SEAL, Chris K., Team Tampa will be braving the 100-degree temps and 100% humidity on August 22nd to raise funds for military families stationed all over the world to attend Camp Sunshine.

As a Navy SEAL for the past 28 years, I have had the honor of serving my country and deploying all over the globe to defend our freedoms.  Since 2017, I have also had the honor of participating in the annual SEALs for Sunshine event. These events have been challenging and difficult, but it is nothing compared to what the brave children and their families attending Camp go through when fighting a life-threatening illness.

I hope you join Team Tampa and help us raise funds to send a military family serving our nation, maybe in a far away country, to Camp Sunshine!

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Team Eric

I have enjoyed a 10 year career thus far with the US Coast Guard.  While Civil Engineer by trade, I recently shifted to the role of Base Executive Officer in Ketchikan, Alaska.  I am glad to be back in Alaska after serving my first tour in Kodiak aboard the mighty CGC ALEX HALLEY formerly the USS EDMENTON. I have been involved with the SEALs for Sunshine event since 2015.  It was during that event that Mike Wisecup forced me to ask a girl out that was taking photos of us.  We’ve been together 5 years and are glad to be involved for another S4S event. Camp Sunshine is an amazing camp who’s work helps hundreds of families every year.  We feel strongly in supporting the only camp of its kind where whole families receive the “treatment” of friendship, peer support, and bereavement counseling rather than just the sick child.  If you’d rather hang out with a puddle pirate than a bunch of Navy SEALs, join Team Alaska to help send military families who are working day to day to support our freedoms all while taking care of an ill child.

Team Adam

This August I look forward to helping our National Capital Region Team log more miles and raise more money for Camp Sunshine then any other!


As a Naval Special Warfare leader, I have been honored to serve around the globe in some very well known and some less known countries. With these deployments have come challenges and sacrifice. However, I recognize that the challenges I have experienced pale in comparison to what our Camp Sunshine families go through on a daily basis. They are true hero’s and the people I hope you will help me honor and help this summer.


Please join us in and around our Nation’s Capital to raise money for a great cause! Even in these times of challenge and uncertainty, Camp Sunshine is purely good cause that I hope you will join me in rallying around!